Nordic Challenge

6h Nordic Challenge 2019

This is new IAU inspired race where ultra runners from the nordic countries can compete for the IAU Nordic Challenge trophy.


Female individual
Male individual
Female team (3 best)
Male team (3 best)

The 6h Nordic Challenge will be held at Kokkola Ultra Run. All races will start May 18 at 12:00 NOON.

The teams do not have to wear national team uniforms and the number of runners participating is not limited. Results of 3 best runners will be counted in the team event.

The registration to the IAU 6h Nordic Challenge is done the same way as the registrations to the Kokkola Ultra Run. In the additional field please mention ”Nordic Challenge”. Participation payment and accommodation information can be found on our www-page.

Hotels approx. 500m from venue.

Airport KOK 15km from venue. Bus transportation to hotel available. 1h flight from Helsinki.
Train station 1,5km from venue. Approx. 1km from hotel. Travel time approx. 4h from HEL airport.

IAU president Nadeem Khan greetings:

“I want to take this opportunity to thank Fredrik Olaussen and the members of Kokkola Ultra Run on hosting the inaugural edition of the IAU Nordic Challenge Trophy.

The IAU had designed this idea on the premise of initiating a friendly competition amongst the neighboring countries in the Nordic region. The race to be contested is a non-IAU championship timed or distance event allowing for athletes to test their fitness or use it as an extended training run in a top-notch competition.
The reason we picked the Nordic countries to initiate this competition is due to the already existing camaraderie and companionship amongst the runners from different nationalities in the region.
The response from the countries has been quite positive and we at the IAU are very excited to see how this very friendly event works out between the Nordic Countries.

I want to wish Fredrik and Kokkola Ultrarunners the very best and hope that this event is a start of many years of friendly ultrarunning competitions in the region.”

For more information please contact: