Call for Research Project Participants

At Firstbeat Analytics, we are constantly studying athletes to learn how we can better analyse performance and training and help them achieve their goals. Keep reading to learn about what we’re doing and how you can get involved! If you decide you’d like to participate, please note that you must email us to sign up no later than 6 February 2022.

Purpose of the Research Project

Many factors can impact an athlete’s performance in the weeks leading up to a race or event, including training schedule, regimen, or sleep quality. Participation in a race or event and the related exertion can also have an impact on an athlete after the race or event. Running is a challenging exercise mode for the human body, especially when the performance continues for extended periods of time and distance. Ultrarunning is a growing trend in the field of endurance sports, but there is a lack of evidence about how it affects the body. Through this research project, we want to learn how Ultra Runners prepare, perform, and recover after participation in the 24-hour event at the Kokkola Ultra Run 2022 with as much context as possible before and after to see how various factors may have impacted their training, performance, or recovery.

Requirements for Participants

We are seeking endurance runners who are at least 18 years of age and who meet the following requirements:

  • Registered to participate in the 24-hour race at the Kokkola Ultra Run 2022;
  • Resident of a country in the European Economic Area;
  • Able to read, speak, and understand Finnish or English;
  • Available to participate in short surveys and interviews (via web conference) during the researchproject; and
  • Willing to use provided wearable devices for three months prior to and one month after the KokkolaUltra Run 2022 and planning to train regularly during this time period.

Procedures Involved in the Research Project

You will be asked to wear devices that we will provide for your use during the research project, including a fitness watch and a heartrate strap. We will request that you wear the fitness watch continuously, but the heartrate strap only needs to be used during training sessions and the event itself. You will be asked to upload the data to us on a regular basis (at least weekly) via a secure platform that we will provide, and we may ask you to answer questions or provide feedback periodically, including surveys or questionnaires related to your training, sleep habits, your opinions on device features, or your usage of the devices. You will be asked to return the devices to us after the research project is complete. Don’t worry; we’ll handle the shipping!

Data Protection

All personal data collected will be used only by Firstbeat Analytics for analysis and product development related to sports technology products. The full privacy notice related to the research project will be provided with other documentation if you reach out to sign up.

Potential Risks or Discomforts

Participation should not pose any additional risks or discomforts, as you are asked only to train as you normally would and will just do so wearing the devices that we provide. Unless you have particular allergies or sensitivities, the wearable devices should not cause you any discomfort or harm.

Potential Benefits

You will not be compensated for your time or participation. However, to show our appreciation, we will give you a 120 € gift card upon successful completion of the research project. You will also benefit from the use of the wearables we provide when training for the event.

Voluntariness and Withdrawal from the Research Project

Participation is completely voluntary. If you choose to participate, you can still withdraw at any time, for any reason, without consequence. You can also refuse to provide any optional information that you don’t feel comfortable sharing and still continue your participation in the research project.

Contact Us

If you would like to participate or if you have questions about this research project, please contact us via email at